Does Rucking build Abs?

Rucking is a great exercise that offers a lot of benefits. As a form of exercise, it can help you lose weight, build muscle and tone your body. But does it help build abs?

Long story short: yes, rucking will help you build your abs.

Let’s take a look at how and why rucking will do just that and how you can incorporate rucking into your exercise routines.

What is rucking?

Rucking at it’s absolute basic definition is an exercise that involves carrying a weighted backpack and walking. Seems pretty straight forward. Designed to be a distance exercise, rucking is an exercise that will give you gradual change over time.

Rucking is a form of weight training that uses your bodyweight plus the added weight in the backpack.

The more you do it, the greater your results.

Consistency is always key.

Now you may be wondering, this sounds like just walking, how is this going to help me, particularly for my abs?

How does rucking build abs?

Building the muscles of your abs

Once you think about it, you’ll quickly see how rucking builds your abs. As you ruck, you need to properly balance the weight you’re carrying, as well as actually carry it.

This involves you using different sets of muscles. When you ruck, you will use your back and upper shoulders as well as your legs. However, another important muscle group you will utilize is your abs.

As you ruck, you will tighten your core and your abs. This helps provide balance as well as support your other muscle groups as you ruck.

Over time, this repetitive action will be building and toning your abs without you even thinking about it.

The action is a low intensity method of building your abs.

Lowering overall body fat

The other way that rucking helps build your abs has less to do with muscles and more to do with appearance and overall body fat

Rucking will help you burn fat overall. This is important when it comes to your abs.

Men carry a lot of their excess fat around their midsection. Women do as well, but not as much as men.

The benefits will be there for both.

As you ruck and burn fat, you’re going to be losing inches off your waistline. This will reduce the level of subcutaneous fat surrounding your abs, revealing them to the world.

Coupled with rucking acting as a core muscle workout, you’ll be undertaking every time you ruck, your journey to great looking and feeling abs is, realistically, just as simple as walking.

Remember though, this is a journey of many steps, it’s not going to be something that happens overnight.


As a form of exercise, rucking is a full body weight and cardio exercise that produces fantastic results. It helps improve your cardiovascular health through raising your heart rate and blood pressure. It helps you burn fat all over your body and build muscle.

One set it will absolutely help with is your abs and core muscles.

Rucking can be done anywhere and it doesn’t require much equipment, making it an ideal workout for people who are on the go or don’t have access to gyms. Remember to include a strong recovery program and you’ll start seeing progress.

Consider adding rucking to your lifestyle and see the changes.

Good luck!